The Exploration Session will guide participants in developing a practice using parkour as a tool to discover and interact with unknown corners of the city.

This class will focus on cultivating participants’ “Parkour Vision” – an ability wherein one sees the obstacles of the world as opportunities. This gives practitioners a new way to perceive their environment and be aware of the possibilities for movement.

Each session will take place in a different location so that participants can learn to move through and be comfortable in any environment. We will move through a number of areas throughout the session to maximize the diversity and full potential of the spots we encounter, so pack light & expect to jog.

This class will create a different experience than your typical parkour class and will help you get to see and use your city differently.

 If you need:

    • Discover and rediscover new training spots within the city
    • Hone your parkour vision
    • Develop a robust and intelligent body
    • Interesting and challenging approach to training  

What to expect:

    • Quality training to improve your parkour skills 
    • Smart progressions to develop a safe and efficient practice
    • Engaging approach to body-mind integration
    • Healthy dose of movement, exploration, and fun 
Ian Sy

5 Sessions:

    • S$36 per person
    • Small group (3-5pax)

One off Session: 

    • S$40 per person
    • Small group (3-5pax)

Sessions are 120 minutes

Based in Singapore

To keep the class flowing, participants should have competency in parkour fundamental movements before joining

Suitable for 13 years old and above only

Minimum 3 participants to commence the class

Class details are to be discussed