First of all, welcome to my digital home. I am IAN.

I started out as a regular gym-goer, who spent all my leisure time working out in a conventional fitness gym. This habit kept me interested in discovering my potential in different physical arts. Eventually, I chanced upon Parkour and have been obsessed with the discipline ever since. Because of this and my constant urge for self-improvement, I explored other forms of movement to supplement my Parkour training — Movement practice as Ido Portal would call it, that I develop and cultivate until today.

In the process, I became more aware in developing a variety of tools to build an intelligent body and a strong mind, capable of curating a more valuable and meaningful practice. Parkour and various physical practices shaped my being. They allowed me to build a stronger body, mind, and spirit.

With the knowledge gathered over the years, learning from everyone, everywhere, and everything from all over the world, I gained an even deeper understanding of myself. One of those realizations is that learning and sharing is a cycle and they go hand in hand. Sharing my knowledge, experiences, and guidance to people I encounter gives me fulfillment and has been a significant part of my growth as a human being.

Wanting to create a positive impact on others, I now dedicate a part of my life empowering people with the knowledge and tools that they need to start their own movement journey in order to build a sustainable physical practice and improve the quality of their lives along the way.

I do hope everything within my digital home will serve you well in YOUR movement journey.

Ready to move?